Welcome to our first virtual gun show!

Please enjoy browsing through out selection and if you see something you like or have additional questions, you can text us at 812-517-8519, message us on our Facebook page or email us at TriggeredTransfers@gmail.com

We also have three easy ways to reserve your guns for later inspection and pickup.  PayPal (friends & family method - free), the Venmo app (also free) and credit cards over the phone (3% upcharge - minimum $3).  We require 10% to hold your gun for inspection and pickup next week.  Guns must be picked up in Washington no later than April 3rd.  We do have a limited amount of ammunition for most guns in this show, but will not sell it separately (only avail able with gun purchase).  All prices include applicable sales tax.

Optional optics mounting and bore-sighting available for many long guns listed.

Please be patient with us (it's a lot of work to post all these guns up!) and check back regularly as we will be adding guns throughout the weekend...enjoy the "show"!

Beretta Tomcat (32 ACP)

A unique tip-up barrel in like new shape.  These subcompact carry guns are popular with folks who have trouble chambering a round by racking the slide.  With this gun, you instead press a release level to tip the barrel up and insert a round in the chamber. Then, simply cock the hammer and fire away.  $380  Same gun in new condition pictured below.  $425

...and yes, we have plenty of ammo!

Canik TP9SA (9mm)

A really solid, high-capacity (19 rounds) handgun.  New in box and comes as pictured. $350

Chiappa 1911-22

Mint condition with just one range session on it.  Comes with 3 magazines and is a nice easy shooter. $250

Colt Frontier Scout Arkansas Sesquicentennial 22 LR 1 of 3500

This gorgeous old-school single action revolver was manufactured in 1969 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the organization of the Arkansas territory.  Although the commemorative case is pretty shop-worn, the gun itself is just beautiful and has probably never been shot. $500

Colt Frontier Scout - Indiana Sesquicentennial Edition (1 of 1500)

This beautiful little six-shooter is a limited edition piece designed by Colt to celebrate 150 years of Indiana statehood.  The gun is likely unfired and very very well cared-for inside and out. $750

Dan Wesson 15-2 357 Mag Revolver

A beautiful gun that has been customized with turquoise grip inserts.  Dan Wesson revolvers are known for their interchangeable barrel system, although this fine wheel gun comes only with the barrel pictured. $550

FN 509 9mm

A really nice mint condition high-capacity (17 rounds) shooter.  FN is known for their well-designed smooth-shooting pistols and this one is no exception $425

Glock 20 Gen 2 (10mm)

What a unique piece!  Nickel-Boron slide finish on a true beast.  If you've ever shot a 10mm handgun, you know what we mean.  This old-school shooter is in good condituion and has plenty of life left in it...and yes, we have ammo for it.  $600

Glock 23 Gen 2 (.40S&W)

Another old-school Glock with extra magazines as pictured.  Excellent consition and ready for the range. $420

Glock 42 (380 ACP)

This is probably my favorite Glock for it's combination of wear-ability and shoot-ability.  This small Glock fits easily in your pocket and is one of my favorite summer carry guns.  It's also easy to group at the range and doesn't buck like it's bigger 9mm brother. $395

Llama Mini Max (40S&W)

You just don't come across these often and when you do, they are rarely this nice.  I've personally test-fired this piece and it's a really nice shooter.  The heavier frame manages recoil very well and it fed flawlessly in my test run. $320

Para GI Expert 1911 (45ACP)

This new-old stock beauty comes as pictured and unfired from the factory.  If you are looking for a beautiful, solid-shooting pistol in the classic 1911 military design, this is the ticket. $570

Phoenix HP-25A (25ACP)

New in the box, this little pocket pistol is ready to break in at the range.  This small centerfire caliber pistol is easy on the wrist and great for new shooters. $150

Remington 1911 R1 Stainless (45ACP)

Just a beautiful, classic gun near new and gently used.  comes as pictured and ready for the range. $580

Rossi 462 Nickel Snubnose (357 Mag)


Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

This Rossi with upgraded grips not only looks like a winner, it shoots like one as well.  Comes complete and lightly used...carry with style for $350.

Rossi 44 Mag Snub

This little hand cannon can defend against the baddest beasts and at the same time, carries easily.  Shoot the lighter 44 specials when you want to punch a big hole, but give your wrist a break.  Mint condition and ready to shoot.  $400

Ruger LCP with LaserMax (380ACP)


They don't get much smaller and lighter than this...ankle or pocket carry this one and aim accurately with the trigger guard-mounted LaserMax.  Comes with a Hogue grip wrap for comfort. $300

Ruger LCP with LaserMax (380ACP)

They don't get much smaller and lighter than this...ankle or pocket carry this one and aim accurately with the trigger guard-mounted LaserMax.  This one is for her...$300

Ruger EC9s (9mm)


This budget carry pistol is one of the best in it's class when it comes to triggers.  Lightweight enough to ankle-carry but solid enough to defend.  New in box for $280.

Ruger LC9s with Crimson Trace Laser (9mm)

A really nice well-kept carry gun.  An instant-on pressure switch Crimson Trace laser makes this a capable defender. $380

Ruger LC9s (9mm)

New in the box, this carry gun is ready to rock.  Swap out for night sights for greater visibility in low light settings.  One of the best triggers in it's class.  Yours for only $320

Ruger LC9s - Titanium Blue (9mm)

New in the box, I call this "trooper blue". Swap out for night sights for greater visibility in low light settings.  One of the best triggers in it's class.  Yours for only $350

Ruger LC9s - Kryptec Camo Blue (9mm)


New in the box, sharp blue camo finish. Swap out for night sights for greater visibility in low light settings.  One of the best triggers in it's class.  Yours for only $375


Ruger Blackhawk (357 Mag)


This classic single-action revolver is a perfect trail companion with the included Bucheimer holster.  Power down for 38 specials for an easy range shooter.  Yours for only $375.

Ruger SR9c (9mm)

Ruger's classic mid-sized carry gun was so good that Ruger brought it back(albeit in a cheap cardboard box not befitting this fine firearm.  Comes with standard & extended magazines, speed loader, box, lock and manual, this gently-used piece is ready to take home. $370

Ruger SR9 (9mm)

Just like the SR9c, only bigger.  If you need a longer grip and higher capacity, this used but clean sidearm is the one for you.  Comes with 3 17-round magazines, speed loader, box & manual.  Yours for only $350.

Sig Sauer 1911-22 (22LR)


This olive drab green beauty is just as it left the factory.  Sharp-looking and sharp shooting and ready for you to take home. $380

Sig Sauer Mosquito (22LR)

This fun shooter is great for introducing the sport to new shooters, as well as fun for plinking around.  New in the box and available in flat dark earth or olive drab green.  Yours for only $350

Sig Sauer P238 Engraved (380ACP)

One of the prettiest pocket pistols we've ever held.  This sweet shooter comes with both Rosewood and pink laminate grips as well as bright night sights.  Mint condition and comes with everything pictured. $575

Sig Sauer 1911 TacPac (9mm)

Bad & Beautiful.

New Old Stock...For some unknown reason Sig Sauer decided to discontinue the 9mm version of the TacPac 1911.  This one comes from a closed shop and is virtually unhandled.  Comes complete with 4 magazines and nice bright night sights.  Shooters rave about the easy shooting low-recoil pinpoint accuracy of this model.  Get it while you can for $900.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22CA (22LR)

This California-compliant model has been converted to the higher capacity 12-round magazines.  Hi-Viz optic sights make this one of the best 22 semi-auto handguns I have ever shot.  It eats anything and the action is smooth as silk.  The slide is very easy to work and load a round..just an all-around great gun and absolutely mint condition! $350

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 (9mm)

This new old-stock classic carry gun  is as it was from the factory.  Lightweight and with a slim profile, this one carries as well as it shoots. $320

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 40 Performance Center (40S&W)

With HiViz fiber optic sights and a ported slide, this firearm comes gently used and ready to perform. $360

Smith & Wesson Model 66 (no dash) with early stainless sights (357 Mag)

This classic Smith & Wesson revolver is from the early '70's and comes with the stainless sight package that was quickly replaced and getting harder to find.  The owner of this one put a black sight blade on the rear sight to make the sights more visible (the complaint that caused the switch). This gun is in very nice shape and comes just as it is...nothing really needed to add to a classic Smith revolver. $850

Smith & Wesson Model 624 (44 Special)

This classic revolver was built three short years (1985-1988) and this particular one appears to be from 1985.  A 6.5" barrel and stainless finish make for an attractive package.  If you want to make a 44-sized hole without the snap of a magnum load, this wheel gun fills the bill. $800

Smith & Wesson 625-3 (45 Cal Model of 1989)

45ACP with quick loading moon clips. Factory Pachmayr grips.  Overall, nice shape.  The cylinder has a turn line and there are a few minor blemishes, but overall, a very nice revolver.

Springfield XDm40 Bi-Tone Finish (40S&W)

A nice match-grade Springfield with all of the goodies.  These handguns are known for their upgraded sights and triggers, as well as their high capacity magazines (16 rounds in 40S&W).  This gun is gently used and a real looker. $425

Springfield XDs9 Bi-Tone (9mm)

A carry gun that carries with style.  Gently used and comes with everything you see here. $400

Springfield XDs45 (45ACP)

Small footprint...big holes.  If you're a fan of the 45ACP round, this gently used gun carries well. $375

Springfield XDs45 Bi-Tone (45ACP)

Another subcompact that cycles the popular 45ACP round.  Gun is in great shape and ready to take to the range. $430

Taurus M380 UltraLite (380ACP)

Here's something you don't see every day...a revolver in 380ACP.  This tiny bobbed hammer revolver carries easy and doesn't bite the hand that feeds it.  Comes with a package of speed loading clips. $325

Taurus PT908 (9mm)

This thin profile metal frame 9mm shoots like a dream.  Gun is in excellent shape. $290

Taurus M405 (40S&W)

Another unusual gun, this one was made only two years (2011-2012).  Solid metal frame to absorb recoil and stellar clips to quickly reload your gun.  Mint in the box for $380

Taurus 740 Slim (40S&W)

Priced right and carries light!  this pocket pistol is an excellent choice for shooters on a budget.  Comes with Taurus' lifetime warranty...new in box for $250

Taurus 605 (357 Magnum)

New in box with a lifetime warranty from Taurus.  Load up with 357 Mag to pack a punch or 38 special for a more pleasant day at the range. $360

Taurus PT145 PRO (45ACP)

Budget shooter if you like 45ACP.  Comes with all the goodies pictured.  It's used, but I've personally test-fired and it carried Taurus' lifetime warranty.  Take it home for $260

Taurus PT1911 Homeland Defense Model (45ACP)

Taurus put out these high quality 1911's with Crimson Trace Laser grips a few years after 9/11.  This particular one was made in 2006.  Other than a couple of idiot marks, it's in great shape and has been shot very little. Bargain priced at $550

Taurus Judge 6.5"Barrel (45Colt/410 Gauge)

This bad boy deserves a spot on your nightstand.  With Winchester PDX 410 rounds chambered, the Judge is set to deliver a world of hurt.  Longer barrel with a fiver optic front sight for improved accuracy...take this like-new gun home for $450.

Taurus Judge Magnum (45Colt/410 Gauge)

The magnum version means ability to shoot up to 3-inch 410 gauge loads from this beast.  New in the box and includes all of the goodies as well as Taurus' lifetime warranty.  Get it now for $500.

Walther PPK/S (380ACP)

The "Bond" gun...this sweet shooter may not make you as invincible as 007, but it beats a sharp stick every time.  In great shape with an extra set of Pachmayr wraparound grips for comfortable shooting at the range.  Take it home for $550

Walther PPS (9mm)

Like new and minty, it appears this gun has been shot very little.  Comes with everything as seen for $300 out the door.


Walther P99 in OD Green (40S&W)

A hard to find variant on the famous P99.  This one is in great shape and comes with everything pictured.  Take it home for $500

ATI MB3 (12 Gauge)

Defend your castle without breaking the bank!  ATI's MB3 12 gauge home defender takes 2.75 or 3-inch shells with a 4+1 capacity.  This unfired model comes with a bore-sighted red/green holographic sight and flashlight/laser combo.  Sleep easier and take it home for $250.

Baikal IZH-43E1C Double Barrel (20 Gauge)

Beautiful near-new double barrel.  Wood is gorgeous and the blue finish is very nice.  Screw-in chokes (can't remember the size at the moment).  Take it home for $400

Girsan MC312 (12 Gauge)

Built to defend your home and family, this semi-auto 12 gauge comes with a pistol grip and an ammo holder.  In great shape...doubt it was shot much.  Take it home for $270.

Harrington & Richardson Model 765 Pioneer (22S/L/LR)

This old-timer makes for a nice inexpensive plinker.  Used but not abused...take it home for $120.

KelTec SUB2000 Glock Mags (40S&W)

A folding broomstick rifle...stick it in your backpack and go! 2 magazines and an upgraded cheek riser.  Nice shape...take it home for $400.

Marlin Model 1894 Lever Action Carbine (.357 Magnum)


A beautiful lever action gun scoped and ready to hunt.  JM stamp on the barrel and a 1980 manufacture date...just a beautiful gun.  Take it home for $900.

Mossberg Maverick 88 Home Defender (12 Gauge)

Need home protection on a limited budget?  This 18.5" barreled Maverick is just the ticket.  New in box and unfired...comes with box, manual and cable lock.  Take it home for just $200.

Mossberg 500 Flex Tan Camo (12 Gauge)

Pretty gun that will keep you undercover in the woods.  Has a F/M/IC choke kit to go with it.  Used but not abused...take it home for $280.

Mossberg 535 (12 Gauge)


Rifled Slug Barrel.  Gun is scoped, sighted and test-fired in like-new condition. $280

Mossberg 695 Bolt-Action Slug Gun (12 Gauge)

A really nice deer setup...Leupold scope on a solid rifled slug gun.  Used little and taken care of.  Take it home for $400.

New England 44 Mag Handi Rifle

With a Leupold VX-1 2-7X33 scope, this one is ready for deer season and legal for both public and private land.  With a  $200 scope mounted, this gun is priced to move at $400.

Remington 870 Express Combo (20 Gauge)

A nice versatile setup with both rifled and field barrels.  Excellent condition with little use.  Take it home for $350.

Remington 1100 Magnum (12 Gauge)

...a classic beauty!  Comes with two barrels - a 30 inch fixed full choke for 3" shells and a 28" barrel made for screw-in Rem chokes.  Hard case included and the original bird plug, which is not often seen with these classic guns.  It's been hunted, but still in very nice shape. $600

Ruger M77 (7mm)

A classic from 1982, this M77 is scoped and ready to hunt. Bolt action and internal magazine...it's not perfect but appears all original including the Ruger red butt pad.  $500

Ruger Target Mini 14 (.223)

Ruger made these for a few years and then quit, despite rave reviews on their accuracy.  Comes with a heavier barrel and a harmonic damper for "tuning" for better grouping.  Scope & mounts are after market and the stock has a few safe marks on it but overall, a beautiful gun. $750

Ruger American (.243 WIN)

(Stock Photo)  This Ruger American is brand new in the box and hasn't even had the bolt installed yet, so I used a stock photo to show you what it looked like.  Great deer caliber and optics ready. $340

Savage 93R17 (17HMR)

Mounted with a Bushnell scope, this is a nice little varmint gun.  The adjustable Accutrigger and the heavy bull barrel make for a really accurate shot.  Used but in very nice shape. $270

Savage 93R17 (17HMR)

This OD Green fluted barrel Savage may be unfired...it's that nice.  Accutrigger/heavy fluted barrel package ready for optics (optional optics package available).  Take it home for $295.

Savage 93R17/Mark II BTVSS (17HMR/22LR/ 22MAG)

Just a beautiful package.  Tri-color laminate thumbhole stock, Accutrigger and stainless bull barrel.  Available in three calibers...all guns are new in the box and optics ready (optional optics packages and boresighting available).  This stock package is no longer available so get them while you can. $450

Savage Axis (30-06)


Shot twice and returned for something with less punch.  Dad overestimated young son's recoil tolerance!  Mint condition and ready to hunt. $280

Smith & Wesson Model 1000 (12 Gauge)


Smith & Wesson isn't known for long guns, but this one is a beauty.  Made by Howa for Smith & Wesson, this semi-auto shotgun comes with an improved cylinder bore and would probably make a nice skeet gun.  Not perfect, but very pretty.  Take it home for $380.

Stevens Westport 948E (16 Gauge)

A neat old single shot 16 that won't bust your budget.  Gun shows signs of wear but has been test-fired and is fully functional. $150

Winchester Super X (12 Gauge)

A nice home defender Fiberoptic front sight and a red/green holo sight.  Gun is used but very clean.  Load it up and be ready for the zombie apocalypse. $290

Military Contract AR-15 Magazines (223/556)

Still in plastic, these magazines were from a government contract overrun and are metal vs. polymer (lightweight so probably aluminum).  I have a limited number of these still available for $15 each or 5 for $60.  Get them before you can't!

52" Allen Gun Socks

Protect your investment from safe dings and scratches with these gun socks.  $40 for a 6-pack or $8 individually.

Winchester Electronic Earmuffs

Is your hearing worth $20?  We think so!  One pair available...get it while you can. Takes 4AA batteries (not included)

Ruger Extended Magazine (LC9/LC9s/EC9s)

Holds nine rounds of 9mm and gives you a better grip on your gun than the standard 7-round magazine.  Limited supply - $30 each